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Noel D.Tallon, CPA, PC

Our clients are our friends

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 Use Your Members   (just had to use a big one)

I cannot overemphasize this point.  Use your members' expertise.  Why are people with certain expertise at your congregation?  Could it be that God sent them to you?  Too often we overlook the forest for the trees.

I can hear the reaction now because I have heard it countless times before in Elders meetings and from Ministers at a number of congregations.  "You can't count on volunteers." or "You get what you pay for."  THIS IS ABSOLUTE NONSENSE.  As a member, staff member, and deacon, I am insulted by people that say this.

How many of your deacons and Elders are paid?  Do they not get the job done?  Can you not count on them?  The person you have assigned to get people to lead prayers, wait on the table, usher.  Do they not get the job done?  The people that work your sound/video equipment.  Do they not get the job done?  Ours do.  And you CAN count on them.  There are people that you can not count on but they are invariably ones that you have coerced into serving.

We receive donations of things such as automobiles, burial crypts, etc.  Use your members that know how to deal with these things.  They
appreciate being able to use their expertise for the Lord and usually don't expect to be paid.