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Noel D.Tallon, CPA, PC

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Payroll Instruction
I am providing on line video to assist in payroll preparation and related payroll tax forms, deposits, and other needs.
These videos are designed for junior accountants, students, and bookkeepers dealing with payroll or payroll tax preparation and related filings.  I believe that there is a lack of information for young accountants and bookkeepers in this area.  Colleges and universities many times rely on future employers to provide this training.
When I began my accounting career, I was taken on an audit.  At the beginning of the audit, the senior told me to review the payroll tax returns prepared by the bookkeeper.  The bookkeeper had prepared tax returns for years.  I had never seen one.
The videos include presentation and discussion of the topic.  I provide simple references to easily available support on the net.  These videos do not include promotions of my firm or client solicitations.
Topics include:
Payroll Preparation
Tax Deposit Requirements
Form 941
Form 940
State Unemployment

Although these videos are free, you are welcome to make donations.  This will help me defray some of the costs involved in preparation and presentation.
You may send donations to Noel D. Tallon, CPA, PC, PO Box 18037, Huntsville, Alabama 35804, by check or use a Pay Pal account for credit cards: