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Noel D.Tallon, CPA, PC

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Elders, the Budget, and Expenditures
I have seen it all.  There are Elders that want to sign every check.  I think the Mayfair Elders are the best at managing this.

Our Elders meet as a group and make decisions as a group but each Elder has assigned areas.  Assignment means that Deacons report to specific Elders.

We request budget submissions from anyone that has a budget area.  They are prepared in detail.  Each Elder goes over their deacons' submissions and ask questions as necessary.

We compile all the requests.  I meet with the Elders in total.  We go over each request and they decide what to approve.  Their individual preliminary meetings help the discussions greatly.

They also have already perused salaries and give the approved amounts to me.

After budget approval, the Elders are done.  They rely on the deacons to spend as they have requested and were approved.  They rely on us to keep them within budget.

This is not to say that special things don't come up.  They do.  More about that later.