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Noel D.Tallon, CPA, PC

Our clients are our friends

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Church Experience
When you are a CPA, somehow you always get chosen to be the "finance deacon".  I have served in that position or helped with accounting at 5 different congregations including my current position at Mayfair Church of Christ.

Mayfair is a congregation with a Sunday attendance of about 1,500.  We are one of the largest if not the largest congregation of the Church of Christ in the Southeast.  Our membership is primarily professional because of the high tech industry here.  Our annual budget is around $3 million and we manage another $1-1.5 million.  We have about 10 ministers and about that many support staff (not counting the child development center).

The ideas and principles I provide are mostly applicable regardless of Church or congregation size.

I am all about quality and making the Lord's money go as far as it can.  There can be a happy medium.