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Noel D.Tallon, CPA, PC

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Church Accounting
Church accounting is only a small part of the services we provide.  This section is some information for Churches on how to manage their money.

Often people think you have to buy the most expensive of everything.  They think anything less is automatically substandard.  My opinion is that idea is usually espoused by those that don't know enough about the subject.  And for them, that has some vaildity in that if they pay the most, they will probably be getting close to the best.  They just don't know how much below the best they could go without sacrificing quality.

A good example of this is our audio/video equipment.  It is the best and most expensive.  I recently visited the (much smaller) congregation in which one of my son-in-laws is a minister.  The audio/video equipment and presentation puts ours to shame.  Guess what, they painted the walls with special paint.  The quality and moderninity (if that is a word) of their screens is incredibly better than ours.

Look for the  for money saving ideas.

I do not and would not propose to create some "official" set of accounting policies or principles for a congregation of the Church.  I simply hope to help others by providing some professional expertise and experienced policies and principles.

My information is specific and mentions brand names but does not list anything of a confidential nature.

Feel free to email me with questions or comments at  Put Church in the subject line.  Please honor two requests:
  • Respect the fact that this is free and limit questions.
  • Confine comments to accounting issues and save theological concerns for a more appropriate medium.